If there is one thing that has been proven to us time and time again in the design world, it would be the fact that things don’t always need to be wild and crazy to stand out and make a good name for themselves. Often times, some of the best designs that we have ever seen have been the more subtle and laid back designs that don’t try to do all that much. That being said we also do enjoy seeing the wild and crazy designs and especially learning exactly what it is that inspired them, but at the end of the day if a piece of furniture or a collection can impress you without having to do too much, then you know you have really got a winner on your hands. Today we are going to be looking at a new example of that, this is the new Boop Collection by Design Note Studio.

While the Sofa from this collection is not an entirely new design because something similar has been around for quite some time, the one that is featured here in this collection has been completely redesigned and the fact that it is accompanied by a whole lot of new pieces as well makes the deal even sweeter. The main things that characterize this pack would be the solid colors, the rounded silhouettes, big buttons and simple shapes that are a constant throughout all of these pieces.

Now instead of just having the sofa, you will also have the choice of a comfortable looking armchair, as well as a chair that looks like it might find itself a good home in a bar that prides itself in having a good sense of style. The colors that are used here for all of these pieces are very bright and vibrant which makes them very visually appealing from the first time you lay eyes on them. Putting these pieces in your living room could be a great move although you might have to design your interior around the colors that are used here on the different pieces from the collection.