Technology is a great thing. It allows us to build higher and faster than ever before (a certain much talked about Chinese skyscraper in the making comes to mind). But as technology develops with the world around it, there are more and more people for whom interesting architecture is just a dream. Iranian architect Alireza Mashhadmirza used head and heart to create a beautiful home for clients in a poor neighborhood of Tehran.

Brick Pattern house gets its name from its intricate brick façade. Bricks jut out at different lengths creating and undulating pattern. As the day progresses; the play of shadows changes making the façade all the more dynamic. There are large windows positioned behind the delicate lattice of brickwork, allowing people inside to look out while at the same time maintaining the modesty that is so important in Iranian culture. Mashhadmirza faced considerable challenges on this project; not only was the budget too tight for fees and sight supervision, but the equipment workers had available to them was also very rudimentary. To overcome these hurdles, Mashhadmirza developed a system similar to that used in carpet weaving to simplify the process. Each floor had 23 boxes of bricks. The bricks were positioned according to a chart that described their position and whether they were in a row or sliced. The result is a beautifully complex building made with simple methods and materials.

What Mashhadmirza has achieved is truly quite remarkable. Instead of bowing to constraints, Mashhadmirza found solutions to bring a visions to life. Design after all boils to just this.