Numerous challenges and questions pop up when it comes to renovating an old kitchen or decorating a brand-new one. One of these critical questions is around finding the right color combination and match among walls, flooring, furniture, accessories and kitchen equipment. We need to keep in mind that kitchen is really the centre of our home and spending time here must be pleasant and uplifting. With creative kitchen design, diverse colors, textures and moods we can really make a difference here. That desired harmony in the kitchen is within reach for everyone. Keep on reading for a few useful tips and ideas on bringing more life to your kitchen.

Tips for picking the right colors for your kitchen walls
Painting the walls in the kitchen is the simplest and most cost-effective solution, unless you dream of special patterns and surfaces. First of all, pick a good-quality paint that is toxin-free, resistant to heat and humidity and is washable. Creating a wooden kitchen wall that features natural elements can be a good idea as well. This approach can turn your kitchen into a warm and rustic room. Strong, vivid colors can be energizing and create warmth, whereas darker colors are more relaxing.When you have some doubts or concerns about a specific color, wallpaper or pattern here’s a good tip: put the preferred color on a few paper boards and hang them onto the kitchen walls. Then watch and observe the results in natural daylight as well as in the evenings. Before making a final decision leave the pattern or color on the walls and live together with it for a week or so. For the overall positive ambiance try to pick a color or wall pattern that harmonizes with the connecting rooms also.

Other ideas for kitchen design
Modern kitchen equipments work well with vivid colors. White walls can become more unique and exciting when you re-paint and re-color some parts of the walls. Minimalist kitchens can get some passion and extra twist with colorful chairs, tables and matching wall paints. Even the simplest kitchens might become interesting and cozy: if you don’t want to use striking colors on the walls try to bring in more colorful accessories such as shelves, fridge, kitchen towels or table cloths. Small and dark kitchens can brighten up with orange walls. Kitchen with natural wooden furniture can get a new life with colorful accessories and machines.If you have some artistic talents and want to create something exciting then you can also experiment with combining diverse tiles and color combinations. If you decide to walk this path, then focus only on a smaller surface. Painting unusual patterns or texts on the walls might sound like a bold action but the results can be amazing.

Just be brave enough to be different in kitchen design, try several things, textures and moods. These are really the keys for success and creating that so desired dream kitchen of your home…