At Tevami we see a lot of really interestingly designed chairs, so these days it takes something really special to impress us and make us really want to give it a close look. One of the easiest ways to impress us is with a design that serves more than just one purpose. Today we are going to be looking at a chair that does just that, this is the new Bull Chair by Ander Lizaso.

Upon looking at this chair in the first picture you might not be able to guess what its second function is. Then you turn the chair upside down and you quickly realize that it is a great place for kids to put their toys and then be able to carry the toys around with them as the chair turns into a wagon. The quality of the build is definitely stellar and the way the wood grain is complimented by the white sections definitely looks great as well. It is meant to be used by kids from 3 years up until 6 years of age.