Canon Powershot 8.0If you’re looking for a camera that will always surprise you, the Canon Powershot 8.0 is ideal. An upgrade of the Canon Powershot 4.0, the 8.0 comes with an extremely wide range of features that the casual photographer will never tire of. Its numerous adjustable options will allow you to get the perfect lighting and focus, yet the camera holds up extremely well while set on automatic. Face detection and Image stabilization eliminate any possible error while taking any type of picture. Although not a professional camera, the Powershot is able to take higher-resolution images than almost any camera in its class. Its 4X magnification capabilities allow you to take up-close and personal shots from a distance. The Powershot’s continuous shooting mode will allow you to capture 1.4 shots per second and its video capabilities allow the photographer videos of up to 30 FPS. The Powershot’s Easy Print button for fast image transfer will have you sharing your photos with all of your friends and family in no time. This camera’s other capabilities include over 20 shooting modes, built in Auto-Flash with red eye correction, numerous playback modes, USB Interface, Multicard slot support, and much more.