Canon Powershot SD1100The Canon Powershot SD1100 IS is another step in Canon’s sleek, stylish ultracompact series. It’s tiny frame boasts over 20 high-quality features and realively low price makes it affordable to almost any casual photographer. This Canon comes in many different colors such as “Swing Silver” and “Pink Melody” while containing a very wide range of user-friendly capabilities. Facial and motion detection technology, tons of shooting modes, and 3X optical zoom allow you to take that perfect shot that you’ve always been searching for. Its Macro mode allows the user to take extremely detailed pictures, while maintaining a fair distance from the object. The Powershot boasts 8.3 Megapixels of High-Quality Resolution and its unlimited movie length capabilities allow for lengthy, uninterrupted videos of any kind. Its battery life of 240 images allows for long vacations full of pictures without recharge. It can be stored safely and easily in a small compartment such a purse, a small packpack, or even a pants pocket. The Canon is ideal for anybody who can’t lug around a bulky camera, but still has the desire for high-quality images.