While most architects spend a lot of time trying to create a building that fits inside of most people’s idea of what it “should be” and stay within society’s norms, there are a whole bunch of architects out there that try to do the exact opposite. These are the things that are really worth watching as they are the more out of the ordinary pieces that are more interesting. Today we are going to be taking a look at the latest example of that, this is CET Budapest by ONL.

This building was constructed in between two existing warehouses on the banks of the river Danube in Budapest, Hungary. The building has a decided whale shape that makes it stand out next to the two ordinarily designed buildings that it sits between. The project will involve those two warehouses however and they will be shortened by 20 meters to make way for a new square. This 27,000 square meter development has been planned to be used as a cultural and commercial centre with a large event hall, retail units and catering units as well.

We can imagine that this project will be a major success as people will probably come from all over to see the different events going on within the building. They will probably come even if they are not particularly interested in the event, but simply to see the building itself. The whale shape just makes for such an amazing and eye catching form factor.