As much as architecture defines the space available to us, through furniture and the other objects we fill it with we put that space to use. Not only does furniture add function to our spaces, but also have an impact on how we feel.

London based designers Doshi Levin developed Chandlo as a prototype for the Das Haus 2012 installation at IMM Cologne. Das Haus 2012 was an installation of differnent spaces opening onto a courtyard, exploring ideas on the perfect home for this day and age. Chandlo is a dressing table that looks more like an abstract sculpture than a mundane piece of bedroom furniture, offering a different view from each side. It consists of a circular mirror, square tinted side mirror and a lacquered walnut jewelry box delicately composed on a lacquered ash table and standing on four irregularly spaced pointed sticks. From behind, the mirror was finished in an geomtric grid with the pattern playing on the matt peach side mirror and wooden box. These various materials work pleasingly together rather than fighting with each other as one would expect. The word Chadlo means moon shaped and also Bindi, (the dot usually worn on the forehead by Hindu women). It’s easy to see a connection with not only the circular mirror, but also the act of grooming to both meanings of the word. The capable hands at BD Barcelona brought their expertise to Chandlo to ensure the pureness of the shapes wasn’t compromised by poor execution.

While everybody’s idea of the ideal bedroom is different, Chandlo explores what can be achieved once we look beyond simply satisfying function and making the objects we use to beatify ourselves, beautiful in themselves.