We are a big fan of modern tables and chairs as we believe that the best way to enjoy meals or a coffee with friends is in your own home with a great place to sit. For many apartment dwellers trying to dedicate a full space to something like that can be very difficult and they need something more compact for when it is not in use. We will take a look at a beautiful example today with this new Compact Café Table by Sigurd Larsen.

This is a table and set of benches that features a very minimalistic design, but there is a lot more minimalism hidden in here than you might expect. This table, which is great for both indoor and outdoor use can store both benches underneath it in a very neat manner that will allow you to tuck it away and use it as a simple table to place things on top of when you are not using it for sitting at. We love seeing furniture that makes such great use of limited amounts of space.