For people that are not all that into modern design when it comes to furniture for them they really only are able to see things in the conventional way. Although for us as big fans of seeing great and interesting designs the conventional way is usually much too boring and you prefer to see something that is much more thought out and detailed. There are definitely great designs that we are seeing around every day and we’re going to be taking a look at the latest one today. This is the new Constellation Table.

This table has been created by Fulo and instead of four legs like most tables usually have this table features several, all of which can be arranged in any way you feel like. You could certainly group many legs together to form one big leg or scatter them throughout the entirety of the table as well. Placing them in the center is always an option or anything completely random in between is up to you. It would be interesting to see how many different combinations you could make with all these different legs featured here.