As utilities and materials go up in cost, consumers and builders are all seeking ways to build more economical and environmentally friendly homes. One such method is the through the building of a container home, like the PH Loft Arias by HM.A Architects located in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

This house was built to accommodate very specific requirements from the owner, who wanted an office space, a playroom, a guest area and an outdoor zone for various activities. According to the architects, the morphology and positions of the container was the result of a search for tensions applied to certain parts of the container and to the entire unit. They used masonry walls, concrete and insulating fire bricks to further maintain the position of the container and provide added insulation. As you can see, the interior is completely modern and original, inspiring elegance throughout. The home is structured on two floors and built around a large central living area. The living area has a designated space for audio components and the kitchen area has a unique little nook that is actually a grill. Great use of a container shell in Buenos Aires.