The customer’s brief saw a solid enthusiasm for a “Yard House”. Taking the yard as a point of convergence, the whole building design and the scene conceptualization rotated around utilizing the highlight as an atmosphere responsive configuration advantage.The house is conceptualized as a performative building design and scene plan with a deliberately intertwined manufactured structure that emphatically reacts to the site connection.The configuration methodology was started by comprehension the climatology of the surroundings.

The scene plan is conceptualized on creating progression with the surroundings and drawing the lines into the insides of the building and interfacing it with the yard which houses a sculptural tree.Taking into account the climatologically considers, the building is pivoted towards the northern sides (to have greatest fenestration maintaining a strategic distance from the brutal beams of the sun amid the day) and a constant water direct is presented toward the predominant winds which helps in keeping up the small scale atmosphere of the insides.

The vegetation palette of the scene configuration is wanted to cover the whole site past the building framework furthermore develops over the structure to diminish the general constructed structure.


The site is east-bound and has a boundless open green space on the North side


Interior view


patial structure of the Interior Hall


dining and the kitchen zone