Video games have been the delight of people for decades now. Since Atari’s inception in 1972 people have been mesmerized and entertained by the actions on the screen that they can control and participate with just by using a handheld device. As technology has developed, so have video games and their place in our pop culture. And if you have game fanatics in your house, a fun thing to do could be to save up and make a video game themed room for them.

Wall decals or murals are a fantastic way to show off your love for video games. You can paint or purchase murals like giant old school Nintendo Duck Hunt murals that cover an entire wall. Other popular decals include Pacman or even just game equipment murals like the controllers or play systems.

In addition to wall paintings and decals, adding 3-dimensional touches are good too to bring the game feel more to life. You can purchase colored blocks that light up which are designed to look like the Tetris blocks, or you can make your own with one dimensional panels or 3-D boxes that you paint and hang yourself. If you want to be real creative use clear plastic from craft stores like Jo-Ann’s or Michael’s along with special coloring paints, then place small white LED lights in the blocks to make them light up.

Finding some video game themed furniture can be fun too. For beds, you can cover it with a simple blanket that looks like a giant Game Boy. Or if you want to really step it up get a Space Invader couch or NES coffee table like they show on Game Tyrant. For smaller touches you can purchase perler beads Game Boy magnets, or coffee table coaster from Meat Boy, Asteroids, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Mincraft Creeper at sites like Etsy for less than $20.

If you can find ways to incorporate the games with the basic function of the room, that will add a lot of fun and authenticity. Make the most of your money and use cupboards or cabinets that could be like the secret passageways on the games, or that open up like the giant green tunnels on the Super Maria games. Nerd Handy shows how one gamer built bookshelves that resembled the levels in Donkey Kong. Digital Bus Stop showed how one kid has cubbies hanging from the wall that are designed like the question mark boxes that Mario jumps on for coins. This is a perfect way for dressers in bedrooms, or hidden fridges in family rooms to be disguised and incorporated at the same time.

There really are endless possibilities when designing a video game themed room.