Home for Older People

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Creating a home that is safe, warm and comfortable is something we all strive for. For the older members of the family, they need closer care and attention. Having them close by is a comfort for both them and you. How you organize your life to make this happen will sooner or later become a priority.

So instead of you having the upheaval of moving closer to them, why not move them closer to you?

If you are lucky enough to have room in your home, then you can create a living space for them under your roof. Alternatively, using your garden space can be the perfect answer. A great solution can be hiring a company who build Granny Flats and moving them in.

Once the decision has been made, then it is time to make some decisions. How to create a home environment that is safe and comfortable? As we get older, mobility can become more difficult. Designing a space on one level would be ideal. Avoiding stairs saves tired legs. It can also prevent the risk of falls. If stairs have to be part of the design, then look at installing a chair lift.

Make the home as light as possible. Not just ceiling lights but wall lights and free standing lights will give flexibility. Make sure there is one just behind their favorite chair. This will help with reading, browsing or enjoying their favorite pastime. Remember this when it comes to the bedroom design and living room design in particular.

Also, try not to clutter the space. Choose furniture that is simple and well designed. Chairs that not only recline but help you out of your seat are a great idea! There are also beds that offer the same service! Breakfast in bed has never been so comfortable!

If your family member uses a walker or wheelchair, then hardwood or laminate floors are a must. Look for non-slip surfaces and don’t be tempted to put a rug down. They are just a trip hazard!

The kitchen should be somewhere they can enjoy cooking. Or treating the family to their favorite cake. Again keep it simple. Make sure the essentials are easy to reach. Get advice on how to install the work surfaces and cupboards at the right height. Look for labor saving devices and gadgets. An electric can opener can be priceless! Easy to use food processor can again help with independence.

Keeping in touch with friends and family should be top of the agenda. Cell phones and the internet can be used to great effect. Install TVs in at least two rooms and don’t forget the digital radio! Providing your family member with independence should be at the front of your mind. Technology has never been so clever. Home safety kits can be installed that can provide 24-hour cover. Wireless monitors that can be worn on the wrist or around the neck will give peace of mind.

Following these tips should help you create a space that is warm, safe and comfortable. It will provide independence and a lovely place to live!