The word curio has in recent years gotten itself a bad rap. Visions of bedazzled sombreros and gilded commemorative plates come to mind. But the true curio, that little object that baffles the mind and evokes the scent of faraway places still has a place in this world. And that place is in Curiosity Object.

Created for Galerie Cat Berro by Studio GGSV (Gaëlle Gabillet & Stéphane Villard), Curiosity Object is a display cabinet for the objects that we cherish. Half lamp, half furniture it draws attention to what would normally be lost in a layer of dust on the mantelpiece. An elegant blown glass bell rests on a stand of blackened oak. The top of the bell has been cleverly rendered in an ombré fading to opaque black, hiding the bulb lighting up the subject and creating a mystical setting straight out of a Lomo photograph. The cap works with the black stand to visually contain the object within. And since a bell shape has been used, instead of glass planes, reflections obstructing views of the objects within are minimized. In the exhibition, the designers have placed construction debris in the Curiosity Object, making that which is usually discarded a focus of attention and making viewer question why they have been placed there. From this it is clear to see that Curiosity Object can veil even the mundane in intrigue.

Thanks to Curiosity Object, we can now show off everything from the spoils of out travels to our favorite childhood toys in style.