When it comes to modern design one of the areas that is often overlooked by a lot of people would have to be the bathroom. Of course the bathroom is a very important part of your house as you will definitely end up using it every single day, but people tend to overlook it because it is not one of the places that they want to be spending a lot of their time in. That doesn’t mean though that your bathroom should enjoy having the same modern amenities as the rest of your house and if done correctly you might even find yourself taking much longer showers and spending more time getting ready each morning because of how nice your bathroom happens to be. Today we are going to be looking at something that will definitely make a stylish bathroom stand out. This is the new Curved Mosiac Tile Bathroom Sink by Lago.

While in most people’s bathrooms the sink that they wash their hands in is very simple, this design is anything but. It will require a fairly large bathroom as it takes up a pretty good amount of space on the wall. If you have the space for it though it is a truly amazing design and one that is made even better if coupled with a fully mosaic tiled wall as well. The sink is suspended and appears weightless in its design which is another thing that really adds to the appeal of it all.

Seeing this design gets us thinking about what sort of other things we could do to our bathrooms to make them as interesting as this design. The ideas are definitely endless, but seeing things like this definitely make us inspired and excited to go out and find many more. Installing something similar to this but in the shower and adjusted to fit the needs of a shower is a great idea as well and we are hoping to see a whole lot of new things from Lago along those lines. All we know is that if we had something like this it better be in our own private bathroom otherwise there would be a line forming while we were in there.