DADA & Partners have completed another home for a family in New Delhi, India.
Set on a verdant area bundle specked with vast adult trees, the Three Trees house is settled -much like a fork- between three expansive trees. The reason for deciding to arrange the building in the midst of the trees was to save the current trees while getting a charge out of the characteristic setting in close nearness of the tenable regions. The house is imagined as a get together of two genuinely rectangular hinders, the east-bound front square and west-bound back one. Both are associated by a limited, straightforward, staircase piece. The biggest tree of the three, a blooming Kachnar (bauhinia), turns into the centerpiece of the patio space. The shaded north-bound yard is further energized with distinctive rooms fronting onto it alongside the vast shade shades giving consistent play of light and shade. As experienced from inside of the house, this space brings an improved feeling of openness inside furthermore develops continually changing perspectives of the outside, and also the building, as one moves around the house and vertically between diverse levels of the house. The front or east piece has general society capacities, for example, the section entryway, drawing room, dinning, and bar all of which face the extensive front yard and also the generally imply patio. The back piece has an extensive twofold tallness family front room which opens out to the patio and the pool deck and two rooms confronting the back yard. The upper level has four room, puja room, and a parlor region for the family to accumulate. The exercise center and sauna structure sits right over the swimming pool, along the Northern face of the property, and squares-off the feeling of walled in area around the patio.

Inside of this rich just about ambrosial setting, the prevalently hard and solid scene configuration makes a purposeful experiential counterpoint. The building veneer likewise turns out to be a piece of this setting, particularly at the ground-plane level where, occasionally, vast vertically wrinkled stone-clad board dividers outline the open space region.


The gym and sauna pavilion sits just across the swimming pool.


The upper level has four bedroom, puja room, and a lounge area for the family to gather.


Living area with a beautiful interior decor.


Within this lush almost ambrosial setting, the predominantly hard and monolithic landscape design creates a deliberate experiential counterpoint.