Those who love their iPhones but wince with each new must-have, plastic accessory will breathe a sigh of relief.  Los Angeles-based idea company Design Funhouse has invented a way to enhance your iPhone experience with just a small piece of wood.  The Dakko is a credit-card sized sliver of sustainable Birchwood with a patented curved notch for your iPhone 4 or 4s. You can give it a bend and get ready to escape, connect, learn, multi-task.

The Dakko allows users to relax and watch a movie while stuck at the gate, use Facetime, or learn how to cook, apply makeup or fix car engines while watching step-by-step guides, anytime, anywhere.  Don’t forget morning consultations with Siri as you get ready for your day.  Stick the Dakko in a wallet, or the sleekest evening clutch.  With no extraneous parts, there’s nothing to break and nothing to remember.  “Our intent was to take out any unnecessary user motions, extra parts.  We wanted a very pure user experience.  Using Birchwood rather than plastic or metal just adds to the ‘calmness’ of using the Dakko Stand,” said Jeffrey Higashi, founder of Design Funhouse.  The Dakko is the ideal accessory to the device that has revolutionized the lives of much of the earth’s population.  It boosts all the iPhone has to offer with beautiful functionality and no added hassle.

The Dakko Stand comes in 2 models, for the iPhone 4/4S without a case or cover, and for the iPhone 4/4S with the Official Apple Bumper. Both models retail for $11.99.

100% designed and made in the USA, the Dakko Stand is cut from just one small piece of Birch plywood – no plastics, no importing.  Birch plywood is commonly used in skateboards, ensuring excellent flexibility and durability – a must for a product that will be bent over and over on a daily basis.  Birchwood is widely available in North America and very quickly replenishes itself, making the Dakko stand much more environmentally friendly than its injection molded, made in China competition.

Models to fit the Motorola Droid Series, Samsung, HTC and other smartphones are coming soon. This is the most compact and most minimalist iPhone stand you have probably ever seen.