When people arrive at your home the process is generally the same just about every time. They will pull into their driveway, knock on your door, enter your home, hang up their coat and hat and then look for a place to sit. All of those things are pretty standard procedure but when they start to look for a place to sit down is the time that they will start to take notice about the things around your home and how you have designed and arranged. This is the sort of first impression that you will never be able to get back if you do it incorrectly. That is why you need to have a nice place for your guests to sit that is clearly in view for them as soon as they enter your living space. We think we have a pretty impressive one for you to consider, this is the new Decorative Sofa by Teo Jasmin.

In case you aren’t familiar with Teo Jasmin, she is an expert in digital printing and is also a freelance designer who has been able to put her talents together to create this amazing collection of sofas. The sofa itself is made out of painted beech wood and features a matte vinyl seat cushion as well. Honestly though, the real attraction here isn’t so much in the design of the sofa itself but instead in the printed image that is featured on the back of the sofa. Here there are three different options made available to you but we are sure that the ideas and possibilities are just about endless with a sofa like this one.

Of the photographic images that we have to choose from here we can see the Paris roof tops, the New York City sky line as well as the Union flag. These are a great way to add a good amount of expression to your living room and it is pretty much guaranteed that having these in your living room will make your living space one that your guests won’t forget for some time to come.