Those of us living in the tight quarters of apartments are always looking for clever space saving solutions. The best of these solutions should not only be compact, but also be able to keep our odds and ends tidy. DeskBox ticks all the, well, boxes for what we look for in space saving furniture.

This wall-mounted desk is brought to us by Raw Edges. Israeli designers Yael Mar and Shay Akalay established the studio in London after graduating from the Royal College of Art. The desk is made of a metal mount with an interlocking wooden writing surface. At first sight, it seems to be a thick shelf attached to a wall. The genius of the DeskBox is a clever hinge mechanism adopted from old sewing-machine boxes that Dutch furniture manufacturer, Arco, used to make. The lid slides out and locks into position creating a surface generous enough to use a laptop on, as can be seen in the images below. Whatever you may be using the desk for can be quickly hidden from view by sliding the lid back up. In this rest position, the desk surface is still large enough to make a shopping list or compose a letter. Even though the designers say the choice of materials was largely an economic one (they want the desk to be accessible) they look sublime together. And economics didn’t stop them from adding the charming detail of a pencil holder and all-important holes for wires within the desk.

While flashy design and grand concepts are often what grab headlines, the designs we get most joy out of are those clever ones that make life just a little easier.