We all know that having a cat at home can be dangerous for our favorite furniture pieces. There’s no doubt about it that cats need to stretch, it’s part of their natural instinctive behavior. Unfortunately, they don’t care too much about the brand and price tag of our nice interior objects. If these cute pets lived outdoors all of the time, they would exercise their scratching instinct on trees. However, when they live indoors they need some other tree-like objects they can target and attack regularly.

Today we are going to present a funny and brilliant idea from Dutch product designer Erik Stehmann. He created a unique scratching post that is like no other and all the cat lovers will like. As the designer says: “The dog-shaped scratching post is a great way to not only save your furniture from being scratched by your pets, but also gives cats the opportunity to take out their aggression on their natural enemy.”

If you are a cat lover (and secretly a dog hater) then you might want to get this scratching furniture for your kitty. It will bring some style, freshness and fun to your apartment too. The unique scratching post measures 88 x 29 x 71 cm and costs €490.

The creator and young designer from Holland has won several awards already, such as the IHM Talente 2010 International Design Competition and also gained nominations for the Dutch Design Award. His works and objects can be found in various exhibitions across Europe.