+tongtong were tasked to reexamine a quaint little inn and c.1880 foundry in the noteworthy town of Wellington, Ontario. With assistance from ERA Architects who are authorities in legacy and protection, they changed the structures into the Drake Devonshire Inn, a contemporary boutique lodging. The stupendous opening of the lodging is May 1st. In the little memorable town of Wellington, in Prince Edward County, Drake hotelier and visionary Jeff Stober enrolled plan firm +tongtong under the bearing of John Tong to rethink a tired informal lodging and unique c. 1880 foundry into a 11-room and two-suite contemporary motel. Roosted over a wandering spring and a private waterfront, with clearing perspectives of Lake Ontario, the motel is the provincial partner to its hip, urban sister, Toronto’s Drake Hotel, additionally planned by Tong and his previous firm, 3rd Uncle. The Drake’s methodology was to draw motivation from the social foundation and vernacular of the neighborhood group, while ingraining a contemporary viewpoint.

The Drake Devonshire takes tasteful signals from a vocabulary of references including; the British nation motel, withdraws in the Hamptons, summer camps, and Southern Ontario’s farmhouses and bungalows, with their embroidered artwork of authentic layers and styles, functional adhoc remodels, promptly accessible building materials, and crisscrossed furniture. With the assistance of ERA Architects, masters in legacy and preservation, Tong evacuated a progression of increases that had been made to the first foundry and afterward “reestablished” them, with apparently iterative increments. These incorporate a ‘horse shelter like’ structure, a Douglas Fir feasting corridor, a pioneer extraordinary occasions space, the Glass Box and an outside bar highlighting a stone work smokestack and twofold sided chimney and its cedar grandstands that course to the Devonshire’s waterfront.


Amazing area for guests with an wonderful furniture and decor.


the public area


Beach view from the room.


Elegant style room


Bright and contrasting tiles are mixed with patterned fabrics and straight-forward materials in a deliberate manner.


public areas offer a variety of open and private seating areas linked together through spaces.