Furniture pieces and designs are also impacted by the ever-changing fashion trends and shifting customer preferences. It’s a rather challenging task to keep up with the latest vogue and keep our homes trendy and cosy at the same time. There is something that remains unchanged, however: the need for flexible and multi-purpose furniture pieces. This requirement has become more and more important, especially in modern homes with small rooms and limited storage areas.

Our today’s theme is around day beds which are great examples of multi-functional furniture and space saving. Thanks to their flexibility these furniture pieces can be used as either beds or sofas. Comfy seat & chill-out by day and bed & relaxation by night – doesn’t it sound great? Beside these benefits, many day beds offer additional storage and space underneath for all sorts of belongings, as well. It’s always a good idea to place one in a guest or any spare room and use them as space fillers.

There are abundant choices, brands and offerings of day beds, therefore it’s crucial to obtain relevant information and carry out a thorough research. Before making a hasty decision on buying one, let’s consider a few aspects, product features and assess our product requirements and possibilities.

Before buying
Above all, we should now the main purpose of this kind of home accessory. Will this furniture piece be used in a living room, home office or a guest room? Based on this answer, it’s essential to know the exact available space of that room. Are there any other objects – such as heating panels or other furniture pieces – which may interfere with the room decoration or furnishings? Moreover, it’s a good idea to think about the number of people or guest we want to accommodate on these beds. If you have plenty of guests, regular social get-togethers and dinners with friends then it’s better to opt for a bigger model.

Finding the right style
The style of the day bed is another important factor. Pick a style that harmonizes with the whole room and its deco elements. Luckily, there are a number of day bed variations and brands which can suit your individual need and personality.

To start, there are the contemporary and the more traditional styles. One can also come across models which feature minimalist design and simple lines. Finally, there are those models which feature unique bed frames, unusual carvings, interesting shapes and chic looks. When it comes to colours, the options are almost endless. The colors of these beds and their frames can be flashy, striking, dark, natural or light – just to list a few ones.

Here is a simple trick that can help to achieve that desired cozy interior and help with the product decision. Make a couple of photos of the designated room and bring them along for the store visits. Keep in mind the colour of the walls, the flooring, the curtains and the atmosphere of the room. With these visual helps the decision will be much simpler.

Making the final decision
If possible, don’t base your final decision entirely on product catalogues. Reality and images of furniture pieces in catalogues don’t always match. Drop by a couple of furniture stores, compare the models, test them and sit on them. What really matters is that you and your loved ones should feel comfortable on the bed. Tall persons might need a higher frame, whereas others might feel happier on a smaller version. However, it’s always more recommended to opt for the lower height and frame as the right mattress, pillows and cushions can bring the required extra comfort for everyone. The quality and thickness of the mattress cover and its fabric are also critical which might influence the final buying decision. Most of the time, it’s a smarter choice to select a day bed with more durable and long-lasting mattress – even if it’s more expensive – than picking a cheaper but less durable model. Opt for a high-quality piece and forget about the stress of reparation and replacement.

All in all, research, information gathering, patience and following your own personality are the most essential factors when it comes to finding that magical day bed. Now let’s start with the first one and be amazed by our nice selection of bed inspirations. We hope that you will find your ideal piece that you will never want to leave…