Front View

A perfectly designed house with south side having a garden and north side provide space for children room.An enchanted light falls throughout the day at the second floor.The art work of architecture is complete for a family set up providing a client code.according to the base of this code bathtub was located at the south window.Mater bedroom is a bright restroom which is filled through natural sunlight.

this house is design for the client who was tall so client code is always kept in mind for perfect combinations of design with physical parameters.exterior was connected through a terrace net to the second floor,The rooftop was design in such a way that family could enjoy all four seasons.

it is a three dimensional structured building .a neat effect is present to the exterior side. A solid floor is present at the interior which is eco friendly ,wood work floor is uniquely designed.

Written by Joon H. Park


Porch Area


Concret Style


Side View


Big Airy Windows


Awesome Look At Night


Close-Up View



A Complete Valley View From All Sides