While many of the pieces of furniture and other large items in your home can really affect the overall look and feel of things, it is often the little things that make the biggest difference. The devil is in the details so to speak when it comes to the design of your house so that is why it is important to get everything looking right, even down to the light switches.

The French designer by the name of Frederic Bugnot has created a new line of light switches which he calls Elo. In his own words, they are meant to transform common electrical fixtures into an integral part of a room, with materials that range from wood and ceramic to glass and aluminum. Each of the fixtures are molded into a pebble shape which measure at 90 mm in diameter and the electrical mechanisms include either a single or double two way switch or a one or two way push button, and electrical socket.

This results in a magnificent design that any guest entering your home will definitely notice. While you have probably never heard of anyone talking too highly about the light switches in a home that they had visited recently, you can bet that they will be when they leave your home. It can be arranged in many different ways on your wall so that the switch goes up and down or from side to side or even diagonally, they do not have to be in a straight line whatsoever.