In a classic case of art imitating life, Encore Heureux has renovated an old warehouse into a futuristic show space for the construction company, Saint-Gobain.

DomoLab was created to showcase innovations and the future of construction. As one enters through the glazed façade into an 11 meter volume, one is immediately greeted a pristine white interior warmed up with the wooden rafters and pops of red. This seems to be a contemporary take on “2001: A Space Oddesey.” Built up function has been kept to a minimum to make it as adaptable as possible. The generous height of the building has allowed the architects to divide it into 3 levels containing a “wall of inspiration,’ workspaces and even a 3D projection room. While this renovation is undoubtedly beautiful, the true beauty lies in its environmental credentials. The uninsulated warehouse has been transformed into a highly efficient low-energy building through airtight insulation to minimize heat transfer. Saint-Globain is showing the efficiency it can attain with its glazing instead of just telling us about it. Added with the adaptability of the space, this makes it a truly sustainable building. We particularly love the minimal nature of the design and the choice of colors. While a red and white palette might bring to mind an abattoir, the shade chosen by the architect is just the right amount of warmth, without being too bloody.

The lightness of the space and the elegant choices of colors and materials makes DomoLab not only a comfortable place to work in, but bridge to science that anyone could relate to.