Our home gardens today have more uses than ever before. There was a time when many people used every spare patch of land to grow foods. Nowadays, many of us want to enjoy eating food within the tranquility of our garden. Outside activity and entertaining is something many people consider when they buy a house too. Effective landscaping could add a great deal of value to your property.

This year is promising some better weather to enjoy. The garden seems the perfect place to make the most of any sunny day. Creating the perfect entertaining space coupled with a beautiful view requires some creative landscaping. Start with a dining area and work your way out. The dining area should naturally flow from your entertaining space inside the house. It should also be easily accessible from your outside or indoor kitchen areas.

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Dining areas should have some shade or coverage against the weather. This may be provided by a canopy or more permanent gazebo structure. Ideally, it will also be sheltered from any cross winds. Another nearby area may provide less formal dining. A small table with a couple of chairs could be ideal for a coffee or cocktail in the garden. You can separate your areas with different levels of decking. Maybe the dining area is better suited to a patio?

Another way to divide the garden areas is to use bamboo. It provides a wonderful green wall and sounds beautiful in the breeze. Bamboo will grow quickly too, so it could be ready within a short space of time. Don’t forget to install a Bamboo Root Barrier to prevent it spreading to other areas of your garden. Bamboo can also work as a screen to hide areas or objects in your garden. If you’re a ‘green’ gardener, you may have water butts that you don’t want to view.

Green gardeners may also be keen to utilize solar power. This can be used to pump water from butts and power lighting in the gardener. Wind turbines and solar panels can also help power your home with the right set up. Perhaps you are keen to grow your own fruit and vegetables. Keeping a greenhouse warm through winter can be expensive without a turbine. Alternatively, adopt traditional techniques and build a veggie garden.

Water features are very popular and can enhance the garden. Choose waterfalls or cascading pools to create the aesthetic and acoustic you’re looking for. Some people like to place these near to a zen garden. It can also be pleasant near a sheltered decked area for Yoga or Tai Chi practice. Lighting this area can make it very attractive day and night.

If you have a family, you may be keen to have a safe play area. Artificial grass surfaces can provide the protection and aesthetic you’re looking for. A mud-free play space is a great idea for children. And it can save you from having to mow the grass short for them. Gating this area can also ensure your pet dog doesn’t have access. Enjoy your beautiful garden this summer.