There are many ways in which you can design your bathroom to give it that feeling of grandeur, of relaxation and of everything extravagant. So, here we’ll take a look at some awesome bathroom design ideas and bathroom accessories that you can use to make your bathroom look and feel excellent.

Bathroom Design Ideas

Amazing Shower Head Systems

One thing that every extravagant bathroom design needs are showers. And now that we’re on it, I would like to direct you into the direction of multi shower head systems. You step into your bathroom to bathe and these mega-awesome multi shower heads do an excellent job at that. We love these showers because they don’t just bathe you, but work as a great relaxant as well. I’d ask you trust me on this, but hey, I’d rather you decide for yourself if it’s time to drop those old, small shower heads or not. By the way, they do speak of luxury from every inch of them. You can also go for the rainfall showers, which again don’t fall short in praise.

Shower Head Systems

Image: Shower Head Systems

Beautiful Vanities

A major role is played by vanities in a bathroom design or decor. They come in various sizes and materials. Not just that, but they are also an important fixture in the bathroom because they store all your cabinetry, have the washbasin, mirror and most of the shelf space. So, in view of that, it becomes important to choose your bathroom vanity accordingly. Now that we’re done talking about their utility, let’s get on to their beauty. If your bathroom interior is traditional, then I’d suggest you go for wooden vanities with artistic carvings on them. Otherwise, you can go for modern and sleek designs for vanities.

Bathroom Vanities

Image: Bathroom Vanities

Jacuzzi Bathtubs

If you’re truly planning on turning your bathroom into a place of extravagance, then you may want to take a look at these Jacuzzi bathtubs. They bring in the luxury of hotels and spas into the comforts of your home. Jacuzzi is so popular for its baths that the brand has become synonymous with hot tubs and whirlpools. They offer a wide range of bathtub options, ranging from simple drop-in bathtubs to pure air baths and what not! Jacuzzi bathtubs are a complete package of design, style and comfort. What’s more is that they also offer Jacuzzi bathtubs for two.

Jacuzzi Bathtubs

Image: Jacuzzi Bathtubs

Shower Enclosures

When it comes to shower enclosures, the options are endless. You have shower cubicles, walk in showers, shower with curtains and so much more. You should choose the shower enclosure for your bathroom on the basis of your bathroom space and your own personal preferences. There are shower enclosures with metallic frame, block glass, full glass enclosures, etc. You can either go for enclosures with casement doors, sliding doors or no doors at all. They all look unique in their own way.

Shower Enclosures

Image: Shower Enclosures

Bathroom Accessories

When you design a bathroom, you can’t look through the accessories. This is because they involve a lot of things without which we won’t be able to make proper use of our bathrooms. These include soap dispensers, soap holders, toothbrush holders, shelves, towel rings, etc. If any of these bathroom accessories goes missing, then you’d be in for some real trouble while bathing. Now, coming to design, we have a plethora of them. You can even DIY or custom design your bathroom accessories. You can use ceramics, tiles, wood, glass, steel, etc. in bathroom accessories, as per your whole bathroom decor. Whatever suits it best!

Bathroom Accessories

Image: Bathroom Accessories

These are some design ideas for your bathrooms. By making use of them, you can have a bathing experience like nothing else. So, what are you waiting for? Get these for your bathroom now!