Anyone who knows anything about the way things work in the design world knows that when things are a bit unconventional that is when things start to get interesting. If people wanted to put just regular plain old furniture into their homes then they would shop at regular plain old stores for this type of furniture and not be looking around specialty websites and stores to find that perfect piece. Today we’re going to be taking a look at a very interesting design, this is the Eyrie Chair.

This chair has been designed by Dutch designer by the name of Floris Wubben and it is a sort of tribute to a natural piece of architecture. It was inspired by a birds nest and has taken many different pieces of wood and placed them together to assemble something that resembles just that. The curved wood slats here are joined together with ash pins and wood glue to help to keep overall feel of the chair much more natural. While it may look very rustic, it also looks like it will be very comfortable to sit in as well.