Italy has a vast amount of creative energy. Its product and interior designers seem to have endless bright ideas. The diverse objects they create, inspire us and inject lot of vitality into our everyday life.

Today we are going to inspire you with another talented, young Italian designer Valentina Carretta. She currently works for Fabrica,  Benetton’s communication research centre and idea factory. The new Fabrica Features shops in Bologna, Madrid and Lisbon were mostly based on her design concepts also.

This time Valentina will guide us to a kitchen fantasy world. We all know that our kitchen accessories, their unique forms, fabrics and colors can really make a big difference and enhance our eating experience. Fantastico Domestico is a small imaginary domestic zoo that brings a couple of cute animals to the dining table in the form of white fruit baskets. The nicely shaped baskets are composed of varnished metal and come with hand painted details. Whales, rabbits, hens and pigs will become your kitchen stars and will store your favorite fruits. This is a world where fun, fantasy and reality mix. These nice fruit baskets will definitely bring you a lot of health and vitality as you want to keep them filled up all the time. We love the Fantastico Domestico collection.