Thank goodness for designers who experiment with materials and fabrication processes. Without the Pesces and the Le Corbusiers of the world, design would not be as rich as it is today. Nendo is one of our favorite design firms who are always looking for new and interesting ways to push design.

One of their new pieces is called Fishline Chair. It was first seem at Interieur 2012 in Kortrijk, Belgium. As the name suggest, Fishline Chair has a bit of an angling twist. A wooden chair was wrapped from top to bottom in fishing line. The fishing line acts as a varnish over the wood, protecting it and giving it a beautiful sheen. Thanks to the transparent nature of the line, the wood grain still comes through, and dye in the line colors it in subtle shades of pink, yellow and grey. The line also gives the chairs texture that you wouldn’t get from using more traditional finishes. In typical Nendo style, the form of the chair is elegantly simple. The back support of the chair sits in a notch at the top of the gently curved rear legs, as if lashed on like scaffolding.

Fishline Chair is an exploration into ways of finishing wooden surfaces. The texture of the line and the wood grain work together to create something as unique as it is beautiful. We can all agree that the effort that went into wrapping the chairs was well worth it.