Some car manufacturers would rather take their time perfecting individual models than push cars off assembly lines. Fisker is one such firm, who has spent much of the last two years honing their premium plug-in hybrid, the Karma, for availability in early 2010.

This unique vehicle has been touring auto shows and shoring up exclusive dealers in Europe and the United States in anticipation for the great demand they hope will mark the car’s debut. Conceptualizing a green automaker who designs sports cars may still be foreign to some, but Fisker joined forces with Quantum Technologies in 2007 with just such a goal in mind.

The company’s Q-Drive technology makes a bold environmental statement, having no emissions and using no fuel for the first 50 miles of its charge. For commuters who drive less than 50 miles per day, the car realizes an average of 100 mpg. Beyond that distance, the car functions like a normal hybrid, with a gasoline engine that generates power for its lithium battery. The Karma’s personal peaks are 125 mph and 403 hp, respectively.

For a four-door luxury saloon that helps save money and helps the environment, the $80,000 or so consumers will spend for this sleek sportster is likely money well spent.

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