When looking for objects that function in our lives, we often have to compromise between aesthetics and practicality. Despite the promise of beauty made by the “form follows function” principle, our everyday lives today are filled with ugly yet practical plastic Tupperware and zip lock bags. Putput has married the forms that we love with the practicality of plastic lids in a series called “Vessels.”

Putput is an interdisciplinary studio based in Copenhagen that works at the crossroads of design and art. For “Vessels,” they matched run of the mill plastic lids with various containers that look like they were lifted straight out of the seventies. The containers all have interesting shapes that are easy to create an emotional connection to. A drinking horn in the shape of a cockerel gets a lime green cup lid with a drinking straw while a Chinese soup pot gets a yellow lid. Cocktails glasses and beer mugs have also been fitted with sporty drinking lids for easy, on the go access to your favorite mistake.

“Vessels” juxtaposes practical plastic lids with ornamental pieces. While the series is not what was really meant by “form follows function” the pieces are about fitting the objects we love into the lives that we live. Rather than spending their lives in display cabinets, these pieces are brought into everyday life with smile-inducing results. All that’s missing from the series is a beer mug fitted with a baby-bottle teat. Now that would get the Joneses a tweeting.