When it’s time for your kids to have their own bedroom, they’re going to want you to do it their way – according to what they like. Spending time on decorating your child’s bedroom can be a fulfilling experience for you as a parent since it will make him or her happy. While a lot of parents simply assume what their kid wants, you should ask them what they’re looking for. Keeping their choice in the forefront is important. Once you have a fair idea, only then you should proceed towards conceptualizing it.

A well-designed bedroom has a theme, depending on which you’ll be able to determine the expenses. Whether you want to make it affordable or go on a spending spree, it’s up to you what kind of budget you create to give your child the best bedroom. In the following article we discuss a few simple ideas that will help you make the whole “bedroom designing” process creative and enjoyable.

1. Go for Colorful Window Treatments
Since it’s your child’s bedroom that you’re designing, avoid using dull colored curtains. Choose bright ones that go with the overall look of the bedroom. Use colorful window treatments to make the room look clean, smooth and fun.

2. Combine Prints with Paints
The wall of the bedroom plays a key role in making in the room look bright and inviting. So see to it that you’re using vibrant colors for the wall by combining paints with some prints. However, don’t just limit it to the wall, you can also use it for the cabinets and other areas.

3. Make the Ceiling Count
When designing the bedroom, a good thing to do is to decorate the ceiling too along with the other parts of the room. It’s up to you how you do it using your creativity. For example, you can adorn it with ‘glow in the dark’ items such as the moon, night stars, etc. Your kid will love the idea of falling asleep while staring at the ceiling.

4. Use Photos for Decoration
Every parent loves taking photographs of their child. Whether it’s of their first walk or the family trip to Disneyland – photos are a big part of childhood. So why not use them in decorating your kid’s bedroom? A practical way to display photos is to use sticker frames, since they require no hooks to hang. Just stick the photos to the back of the sticker and paste them on the wall.

5. Make Use of Toys
If your child’s like any other child, he or she must have toys that are colorful and fun. You can use these toys when decorating the bedroom. Since they come in different sizes, they’ll only add to the decor when arranged well.

As a parent, it’s always fun to decorate your child’s room and make it special. So try and explore your creativity to the maximum when designing it, so that you get the most unique results. Use the below images for design inspirations.