Designers are taking advantage of much commented upon democratization of commerce that the Internet allows by creating their own online shops. But the Internet still can’t compare to physically seeing and touching objects. Danielle and Rob Reid have set up a physical store to complement their impeccably curated online store called Folklore.

Folklore is situated in London’s hip Islington area. The driving principle of the store is “better living through design.” In line with this principle, Folklore stocks a selection of home ware, furniture, lighting, art and lifestyle goods. Like the name suggests, Folklore creates a sense of mystery and joy around products in a world that we increasingly feel little connection to. The curators scour the design world to find goods that last. There is an emphasis on craftsmanship and recycled goods and antiques. The store itself feels like a home we’d like to live in. Whitewashed floorboards and rough wooden display shelves and cabinets are the prefect canvas to experience objects with so much soul. A table that has been made out of reclaimed wooden boards displays smaller table lamps and crockery that each of us would lobe to own, while shelves hung from rough ropes are reminiscent of the swing we whiled away many an afternoon away on as children.

As with any store, the curating is what sets Folklore apart. The mix of antiques and new products that have soul is what any of us would want to surround ourselves with. So pop into Folklore when you’re next in London, or go to their online store for your dose spirit.