Design ideas and inspirations may come from all aspects of life and every designer works with different sources. Some designers use the nature as a source of creative energy while others rely on advanced technology and science. Today we showcase a series of furniture pieces that were inspired by science, fractal geometry and unique mathematical shapes.

The Digital Chairs by Zhang Zhoujie are perfect from every angle and talk about perfectionism.Each chair is one-of-a-kind and is made of triangles of various shapes and sizes. During the creation process the designer applies a special technique to join the triangles without creating a welding flaw. Check out the images and you’ll be convinced that the results are breathtaking: futuristic stainless steel chairs that are both comfortable and light. All pieces are hand made in the Shanghai studio of the designer therefore furniture collectors need to wait at least one month for the product to be made. Those who really want to obtain a special version can ask for Titanium models as well.

These Digital chairs truly embody the philosophy of Zhang Zhoujie: western design methodology, digital engineering and handmade craftsmanship. Be amazed by these fractal beauties from the distant future…