For the most of us who enjoy improving the appearance of our property and how it can be used, the spring and summer months are often the best time to get started doing so.  However while most people immediately begin with some good looking furniture they usually end up leaving it at that.  They often overlook one of the best ways to increase the style and function of their outdoor space: by adding a gazebo.  Here are the basics you’ll want to know for getting started with this timeless structure that never fails to impress.

Shade Equals Comfort


As we all know the sun’s rays can be brutal and depending on where you live they can even seem unbearable at times.  In order for you to be able to enjoy your garden or yard you will need to have a have a shady spot. A gazebo canopy will block out the harsh sun above giving you a cool space to kick your feet up.  An extra bonus is that since there are no walls you get the benefit of cool breezes from all directions.

Add Some Appeal And More

By adding a gazebo to your yard you won’t only be making it much easier to enjoy but also much more picturesque. There is just that special “something,” about a yard with one of these structures that makes them so much more appealing to the eyes. This can actually add to the value of your property as well since it makes it more functional, attractive, and therefore that much more desirable.

Areas That Work Well


Of course there are a few standard spots that anyone considering adding a structure should consider especially it is a permanent gazebo. One of the best is in an area that will give you a view of your whole yard. You may also want to think about installing one near a garden so that you get the scent of fresh flowers.  But really anywhere you would want to enjoy your space and have fun in the shade would be perfect.

Shapes and Styles


There are actually many different shapes and styles to pick from depending on what your preferences happen to be.  The amount of sides can vary, but the classic version has always been known to have eight.  Of course how many sides it has will influence its shape.  Some structures can also be screened in or even have panels added so that they can be used year-round without having to deal with pests or the cold weather.

Material Matters

The image most of us have in our minds of a gazebo is one that is made from wood.  There are in fact many different kinds of wood that you can choose for your structure but each one will need a different amount of care. Pine and redwood are both popular options.  Vinyl has been catching on in recent years and while it isn’t known for its charm like wood, it doesn’t usually require any maintenance at all.  A metal gazebo on the other hand can be a stunning choice particularly if you have a space that is more modern or would like to make it look that way.  Many homeowners with a house that has modern style architecture will go with metal to help make their space more cohesive.

Regardless of the material, shape or style you end up going for, with a gazebo you will be sure to be creating a space that allows for serious outdoor enjoyment and relaxation.  And of course at the same time making a tremendous visual improvement that will boost the overall look of not just your yard but your entire property.

Author Bio: Mike H. is a professional home improvement and design writer who loves to write helpful articles and tips for anyone interested in improving the look and function of their garden and patio space. For more of his work and tips be sure to check out his site: