It’s not difficult to guess why there is such nostalgia these days for all things analogue. From RFIDs in packaging, all the way through to airplanes, everything seems to have its own electronic brain. Gone or the days of tinkering on your car to get that knock to stop. Art collective Moradavaga has us falling in love with the simple dynamo again.

Dynamos are mostly associated with those lamps we put on our bicycles as kids that light up the night with pedal power. Moradavaga’s swing works in a similar way, but with a twist. As a swing moves to and fro, a bicycle chain attached to it spins a bicycle wheel that in turn powers the dynamo, which powers lights. The lights have been put below the wooden pallets that the swing sits on, so the sudden light is a surprise for users. The swing sits outside the International Centre for the Arts in Guimarães, Portugal. The city used to be the driving force of industry for Portugal, and the designers wanted people to reconnect with that heritage. To make that connection all the clearer, traditional materials have been used for the swing. Hemp rope connects the chunky wooden seat to the A-frame body of the swing, and the bicycle wheels are in plain sight up high, creating a visual connection to the workings of the swing.

Swing is a whimsical journey into our collective past, to a world that was so much simpler and had the simple pleasures to match. If only we could ride it all the way to yesteryear.