Getting enthusiastic to go to work is difficult for many of us. From the dregs of Sunday evening the Monday morning commute starts to loom. But what if we looked forward to going to work every day. Estonian architects Salto Architects have come up with if fun way of getting around. It may not make you more excited about getting to work, but the journey itself is a draw that would be hard to refuse.

Fast Track is in essence a trampoline sidewalk. Instead of walking or jogging along, it puts a literal spring in your step. The whole course is 170 meters long, so you can really get moving. Fast Track is a prototype built by Salto Architects for this year’s Archstoyanie Festival held at Nikola-Lenivets Park in Russia. Fast Track is itself part installation and part infrastructure for the park. The architects wanted people to become more aware of the infrastructure that gets us places. They hope that people will through more intelligent infrastructure enjoy a more emotional connection to their surroundings while moving from place to place.

While there are obviously some issues that have to be figured out here, like the rules about double-bouncing and right of way, one can’t help but feeling that Salto Architects are on to something. By using a technology as simple as the trampoline and incorporating it into everyday life, the drudge of getting places can be made all the more interesting.