There is a lot to say for when designers shoot from the hip. Sometimes not having the time to think and overthink a project leads to exceptional results. Case in point is the Golden Workshop Modulorbeat has erected in Münster, Germany.

The 95 square meter workshop took a mere 6 weeks from planning to realization. The temporary pavilion sits in the busy cathedral square in the University of Münster. It was created in collaboration with students from the university’s school of architecture. Four wings, each ending in full floor to ceiling windows allow passersby to see what is happening inside, and of course connects the users of this space to happenings outside. This voyeurism is slightly reminiscent of the windows displaying prostitutes in Amsterdam’s red-light district. The difference of course is a fascination that many of us have with the creative process, rather than the flesh. Part of the reason for Modularbeat being able to create such beautiful structure in a limited time is of course their experience. From the outside, the pavilion is decked in their trademark TECU® gold material. It makes not only for an arresting building, but at the acts as a physical manifestation of the ideas taking form inside. While the exterior is slightly futuristic and decidedly artificial, the interior is clad completely in timber, creating a much calmer space for minds to work. The cross-shape creates a communal atmosphere while at the same time allowing for privacy when needed.

The pavilion fulfills its goal of creating a space to demonstrate artisanal techniques in conjunction with the exhibition of medieval art in the state museum. Golden workshop is a shining example of the possibilities of creativity.