Do you still remember that old rocking chair of your dad or grandpa? We’re sure you loved to rock and swing in it, giving yourself a lovely adrenaline rush and sometimes a little heart-attack to your parents.

Swiss furniture maker and design agency Micasa Lab came up with a rather unusual furniture piece that will definitely rock the world of iPhone and iPad lovers. This brand-new rocking chair was creatively named as iRock and reinvents those traditional oak predecessor. The add-on features are worth a look, as these are the elements that make this piece stand out. First of all, iRock is a comfy and stylish chair so the basic requirements are fulfilled. Further, it’s a sound-system with an iPad or iPhone dock. And here is probably the best thing about it: it’s self-sufficient and can generate electricity in order to power or re-charge those Apple devices. Users only have to jump into the chair, start rocking back and forth and the miracle happens thanks to the built-in, high-performance generators. Believe it or not, 60 minutes of fun and swinging motion in the iRock can recharge an iPad to an impressive battery level of 35%. The pine wood chair is hand-crafted and is compatible with other Apple devices, as well. Currently it’s only available in white finish but Micasa plans to offer other variations in the future also such as oink, black, blue or green. The estimated sale price will be around €1300.

There’s no doubt that iRock is all about design intelligence and smart interaction between furniture and technology. It’s also a brilliant tool to give our kids and ourselves a couple of lessons on the law of physics. Play, listen, surf, move, swing and save some energy!