With spring fast approaching it is about the time people start thinking about summer home improvements. In the age of climate change and global pollution it can perhaps be the right time for you to make some green energy changes to your home. They can save you money and don’t have to be an eyesore if they’re strategically placed around your home.

Solar Panels

If you have a flat roof you won’t even notice they’re there. Otherwise, place them on the back of the house. They can save you money on energy in the long run and are extremely good for the environment. Your best bet is to contact a solar panel installation company who can choose the right location for optimal sun exposure and maximum savings across the board. They can also tell you exactly how you can maintain your solar panels, meaning they’ll last longer.

Solar Panel


Wind Turbines

These are another great way of generating clean energy and are especially effective in windy areas such as cliffs of valleys. You can either mount them to your building or a pole, depending on your home’s condition and ground available. They require minimal maintenance and, like solar panels can store excess energy at a later date, which can help out if you have an unusually calm day.

Hydro Power

If you have a stream or river on your property then you can benefit from hydro power. The force of the current, which will usually be flowing downhill, can be used to push through a turbine or generator and in turn generate energy to power your homes electricity. For it to work there must be a specific amount of water flowing down the river per second, but it can be measured by the specialists who visit your home for the assessment. This form of energy is extremely powerful and you usually generate far more than you need, which means you can sell the excess to the government. This type of energy saves you money in two ways. Money saved and money gained.

Hydro Power



As well as using energy to provide electricity you can also do the same for heat. There are varying methods you can use such as solar water heating, or ground source heat pumps which can suck up the heat from below ground and use it to heat radiators, hot water and underfloor heating in your home. You can also use a thermal store to store the excess heat you don’t use. This can be an extremely energy efficient and money saving way of managing excess heat generated.


This is one of the best ways to stay environmentally friendly whilst saving money, which also requires little to no maintenance once installed. It stops the heat escaping your home, meaning you stay warmer for longer and also saves you money as you don’t need to keep the heating on for as long as usual. There are even special council grants meaning you may be able to get insulation for free.