Our desires for the spaces we live in are often conflicting. We want large open spaces that still feel cozy. We want convenient access to infrastructure, but we don’t want to live next to noisy thoroughfares. We want large windows but still don’t want our neighbors to see us walking around in our knickers. Good architects can help us get the best of all these worlds.

Jackson Clements Burrows designed the Harold Street Residence to give their clients the ideal public/private mix and accommodate their changes needs. The house is situated at an intersection in a residential area in Melbourne that is mostly populated with single storey Victorian terraces. The pressed red brickwork walls face the busier roads allowing for the quieter northern section of the site to be developed into a long garden. The façade facing the street was divided into three sections, where the outside two go from solid brick to a brick lattice and Webforge screening, allowing for ventilation and for light to reach the interior while still maintaining privacy. The clever use of an abstracted zinc roof connects the house to the surrounding Victorian terraces and makes this two storey dwelling look like a single. As an added bonus, the house is also super sustainable, achieving a five star energy rating. The external walls are double skinned and the roof is heavily insulated. The north facing windows have external louvers and the Webforge screening provides protection from the afternoon sun. Rainwater is collected on the roof and grey water reused for irrigation.

All in all, Harold Street Residence is proof of the value that good architects can bring to a project. Not only is it beautiful, but it’s the perfect fit for the site and it’s surroundings.