The myths and legends of many cultures deal with otherworlds, places beyond the physical world we live in. These places were often inhabited by the dead and deities. If a living person could cross to this world and return to the living one, they would often be rewarded with wisdom and power. Korean designer Wonmin Park explores the relationship between the solid and the insubstantial; and how bridging the gap to can bring pleasure in our lives, in a series called Haze.

The Haze Series consists of tables that seem to be made out of an eerie fog. Park achieved this through the use of a relatively established material, resin. The beauty of resin lies in its malleability and translucence. Haze Table is composed of simple geometric shapes, a flat disc is supported by a circular tube and extruded rectangle. These elements have been colored in pastel shades of blue, yellow and purple and finished with a rough sanding. Light passes through the resin, giving the table an ephemeral glow. While Haze Table looks like the ghost of the recently deceased, the resin gives it the strength to function is meant to.

Haze Table is an extension of the work Park did in the Unfocused series. By blurring the lines between the substantial and insubstantial, Park shows us life in a simple, pure form. Haze Table is the essence of what we think a table is, without embellishments. By making the object that fill our lives disappear, we can enjoy their functions in their purest form.