Sinking your hands into the soil and getting back to nature doesn’t have to mean unplugging entirely. Thanks to new gardening apps, your smartphone can enhance your gardening experience rather than distract you from it. Whether you’re trying your hand at cultivating a few window plants or you’re running an agricultural business, there’s an application to streamline your efforts.
If you’re new to gardening, you can find help in the form of apps like the Burpee Garden Coach which offers online tutoring, or My Garden Designer, which helps you lay out the perfect plants based on your garden size and personal preferences. Stay on top of your routine gardening tasks with the Life app’s handy reminders for tending your plants.

If gardening is more than just a hobby, you can download apps designed for professionals like Farmer’s Edge Laboratories for farm data collected by satellites and drones. AgriBus-NAVI can turn your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 into a GPS system tailored to the unique needs of farm machinery. Use your smartphone on a reliable network to decode pesticide labels quickly with NPIC Apps or use eFarmer to measure crop progress. Farming has never been so high tech.

Apps are only the beginning of the tech trends that are hitting your green spaces. Edyn garden sensors monitor your soil and track weather conditions, giving you specific plant recommendations based on the unique composition in your yard. Blossom connects your sprinklers with an app so you can manage individual zones across your lawn and automatically change your watering routine in response to weather patterns.

With the right technology, you don’t need a green thumb to achieve gardening success. Keep reading to explore apps that will take over the hard work for you, so you’re left to enjoy the outdoors and bask in your blooms.

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