The architectural group of Hijjas Kasturi has consistently built new construction that changes the face of its traditional Malaysian environments. Their functional, contemporary buildings have drawn the country forward from a nationalistic heritage to accept the youthful exuberance of its finest architects.

The firm’s project highlights since HKA’s beginnings in 1977 include a Conference Center and a Boating Clubhouse in Putrajaya (2003), the 38-storey headquarters of Pilgrim’s Management Fund (1984), and Al-Faisal University in Saudi Arabia (2007). Their thirst for training talented new artisans is the creative spark that helped build Rimbun Dahan, a 14-acre garden complex that nurtures young artists in residence as part of the Kasturi family home.

A new project called Precinct 4 aims to redefine the Kuala Lampur waterfront, with a cluster of eight sail-shaped buildings that will use alternative energy to improve CO2 emissions by 50%. The structures are an homage to Islamic architecture, and will surely continue HKA’s fine reputation for using intelligent features to maximize their social responsibility to environmentally-sound, beautiful structures. Find them here.

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