We all enjoy taking showers or baths, but now there may be an innovative new design that is the closer to both than anything before. Donbracht has passionately created the ultra modern and ultra sleek Horizontal Shower.

This awesome concept combines the relaxing aspects of a bath with the massage like therapy of shower jets. There are six water bars that run the length of the shower block. A panel on the bathing block remotely controls each jet. Just like a massage chair, there are many different shower effects such as equilibrating, energizing, or de-stressing. Each option has different pressures and temperatures to achieve the desired effect. Of course, you can lay on your back or face down, and the block itself can even be heated for additional relaxation. Think of it as your very own on call water masseur. You  might never want to get out of the shower once you find the effect that suits you the most. Not only is it therapeutic to your body but it also adds a very special something to your bathroom.