Every big city has a few once glorious streets. These streets normally played important roles in the golden ages but sadly they got neglected in the later stages of urban development. Over centuries their beauty and character faded away. Luckily, the number of urban-renewal projects are on the rise and historical streets get another chance to shine once again. Damrak is one of the oldest busiest and liveliest streets of Amsterdam that is going through a similar re-branding. Private and public groups are both motivated about this transformation.

Hotel The Exchange is a shining example of such private and public commitments and is part of ‘The Red Carpet,’ an urban rejuvenation project that wants to offer Damrak a more fashionable look. This hotel wonderland was developed by the Lloyd Hotel and the Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI). The project collaboration managed to come up with something really unusual that surprised even the trendy Dutch capital itself. Architecture and art merged into this exciting hotel concept. Students of the Amsterdam Fashion Institute were given total freedom in the creation and envisioning processes. Dozens of brilliant minds and fashion designers contributed to and shaped the final look of the hotel. Having such diverse approach doesn’t mean, however, that the hotel lacks design consistency or core theme. All the 61 rooms were treated like fashion supermodels which were given unique clothes, style and look. Some inspirations include jeans, flowers, buttons, ribbons, belts, unused cardboard boxes or wardrobes of celebrities. The owners decided to group the rooms into various comfort categories in order to attract guests of different budgets.

The icing on the cake is the in-house design concept store along with a chic restaurant. With all its special characteristics this place is more than a hotel: it’s an innovative and one-of-its kind fountain of creativity. The Exchange shouldn’t be missed by any fashionistas or design-lovers.