Of all the different places in the world for us to see modernly designed houses one of our favorites would probably have to be Japan. This is because the houses in Japan have to make as much use of the space that they have because they don’t have a whole lot of it. That being said though the Japanese architects are often able to build something that is incredible and that makes amazing use of the space to the point that you wouldn’t even believe that there was a lack of space to begin with. Today we’re going to be taking a look at the latest example of that, this is House O.

This house is located in Mie, Japan and features a very cleverly integrated garage that can also be observed from the interior. While it may seem like most of this house is made up just by the garage the way they have integrated it into the interior of the house makes everything much more spacious and gives you enough room for all the modern amenities that you might need inside of the house.