Modernism may be a few centuries old now, but still when we see it we think of it as forward design. Our favorite contemporary modern masters, Fran Silvestre Arquitectos, have yet again created another one for the annals of Modernism.

“House on the Cliff” is in the town of Calpe in Alicante province, Spain. As the name suggests, it’s perched up high on a cliff with stunning views of the Balearic Sea. The owners wanted all the living to be on one level, quite a challenge on such a steep plot. To do this, a three dimensional structure of reinforced concrete slabs was used, making the house jut out over thin air. The effect is so staggering that it seems as if it is supported by nothing at all. The house flies over the cliff, giving stunning views to the occupants. In typical Fran Silvestre Arquitectos style, the house is an exercise in geometric form, with the only line that isn’t at 90 degrees being made by the staircase that leads down to the pool. The pool itself forms a gradual connection to the sea below. The exterior of the house was finished in white stucco, with all the materials traditional to the area helping the house blend into its environment. Inside the house is finished in pristine white, ensuring that the eye is not distracted from the many views visible from inside. We particularly love the picture window in the kitchen that frames the mountain rock outside.

The simple elegance of “House on the Cliff” brings the natural surrounding to the front. And in such a beautiful part of the world, the last thing you want is to be distracted by your built up environment.